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Today more and more people who need to have their vehicle towed are finding that flatbed towing is the best way to go. There are a few benefits to flatbed towing that as a motorist you should know about, these benefits include:

Less Chance of Damage to Your Vehicle- While wrecker towing is an efficiency mean of getting a disabled vehicle from the roadside to a repair service, this type of towing can result in additional damage to your vehicle. Pot holes in the road, as well as pebbles thrown up by the tow trucks tires can result in scratches and nicks in your cars paint. In addition, the bumpers of most modern vehicles are not as durable as they once were so towing a car using a wrecker can sometimes cause bumper damage. Since flatbed towing gets your entire car up off the road, there is less likelihood of bumper damage or your car being scratches or nick by road debris

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