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“Tow truck driver was on time and quick..He called to let me know he eta time. We made it to the service shop without no issues to my vehicle.”

When I needed car towed in Brooklyn I called Billy’s Towing. I had used their services before and they were always fair and reliable. This time was no exception. The driver came right away and got my car to the shop where it was repaired the following day.

Did a great job, even though it  was difficult. Price was exactly as they told me  over the phone. Very happy with my experience, they towed my car to the service shop without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a jump start cost?

We charge anywhere between $50-$100 per jump start. Depending on weather conditions and other things.

Who can I call to jump my battery?

If you require a jump start or a towing service we can arrange that as well we have been providing towing services since 2003, so you can trust that your vehicle is in great hands of a professional local towing company that is looking to serve you and get your vehicle running and be back on the road as efficiently as possible, and as fast as possible.

Does insurance cover jump start?

Most major insurance providers do not cover jump starts in their regular plan, that’s an additional addon yearly fee, when you are stuck in the middle of no where and need a jump start, or your battery died on you, you’d want to call a towing service like ours to come in and help you out.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed